Why Hire 4Q Consulting, LLC?

To supplement creativity and to provide a fresh perspective
4Q Consulting, LLC is not bound by past efforts or preconceived notions. Our consultants bring a fresh set of eyes to any project or particular problem.
To ensure objectivity
A consultant’s only goal is to help you be successful; there is no hidden agenda. We are only as successful as our clients. Using 4Q Consulting, LLC takes the emotional component out of making decisions that affect your business.
To have an external change force
4Q Consulting, LLC can help an existing owner operator discover what is really going on in their establishment. We can help to alleviate the owner operator of being the “bad guy” when tough decisions need to be made or when standardized operating procedures need to be put in place.
To access cross-functional skills and industry knowledge
Our Consultants have worked across many sectors of the restaurant, catering and food service industries over the past 20 years. Hiring the 4Q team gives you the analytical horsepower needed to solve workplace challenges.
To augment your existing resources
Partnering with 4Q allows you to enact new programs and projects without disrupting or distressing your daily operations. 4Q’s consultants bring broad expertise to undertake assignments as expansive as new store openings and company restructurings or as focused as implementing new procurement procedures.
To successfully prepare you to move forward
Every project includes working with you through training and implementation, ensuring the success of your business improvement. 4Q Consulting, LLC is a boutique firm that focuses on operational efficiency to drive bottom line results. We will set you up with the tools needed to run your business while increasing bottom line profits.

How are projects priced?

Projects are priced depending on the nature and scope of the project. Smaller projects tend to be priced by the number of consulting hours needed; whereas larger projects tend to be priced more comprehensively.

Is any job too big or too small?

No, 4Q Consulting, LLC is a full service consulting firm. As a boutique firm, we are able to give our clients 100% of our attention on each project no matter how big or small. Please see our full list of services.

Do you manage on-premise operations?

We do not manage the day to day operations of your business. However, we work with your management team to ensure that the correct tools are developed and implemented in order for you to be a successful operator.